thunderone (thunderone) wrote,

I'm Alive

Yes I'm still here!! My life doesn't slow down much. And I keep adding more to it. Work has been very hectic. We have 77 EMT students that are finishing up classes. Next semester it looks like those numbers could go over 100. The spring political season is fast approaching. That means I will be on the road a lot. I have been spending a bunch of time with some of my hobbies. Trains, I bought a 1948 Alco SW-1 engine with another guy. Red headed dancer's, My friend CAT is back to work, Yea. I also have developed a strong relationship with another red headed dancer "Jenny". How strong you ask. I spent 6 hours on the road last Saturday to spent 4 hours with her. I'm to be back up there Wednesday to help her celebrate her birthday. In the last three weeks we have spent a significant amount of time together. I must remember to thank my good friends Devin(a former dancer) and Randy for introducing me to her back in October. well enough rambling for now.
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