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I took a vacation day yesterday to help a friend, CAT, celebrate her birthday. It was a long but fun day, 23 hours to be exact. It started at 0600 and ended this morning at 0500. I still made it to work by 0900 this morning. I got to enjoy several of my hobbies in the process. First she's a red head and a dancer, go figure. Second I spent a lot of the time on the road almost 700 miles. With the truck I drive plus the cost of fuel that's $100.00. Ouch! expensive hobby these days. Third music, We went to a concert. Puddle of Mud and Kid Rock, what a blast. Not only the stage show but another of my hobbies, watching people. CAT was a hoot during the show. It was a pretty fluid day with no real plan which is the way I like it. Some of the things I kind of wanted to happen, didn't. But others that I didn't expect, did. So all in all it was a great day spent with a good friend. I hope you had as good a time as I did girl friend. Luv Ya!!!
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